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    Hello,<BR><BR>I am trying to do a response.write that will print a hyperlink with a variable in it.<BR><BR>I want to print something like this:<BR><BR>&#060;a href="; Click Here &#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>Can you anyone help me?<BR><BR>Thank you

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    John,<BR><BR>This is right in the FAQs under Beginner, here&#039s the exact link to it. Before you ask a question, try checking the FAQs. Because most of the easy stuff is already in there, and quite a few of the regular posters here, get touchy when you ask a question that is smack in the middle of the FAQs. Plus it will save you time, seeing as the FAQs show exactly how you can use the code, right then and there, no waiting for replies.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Read the FAQ, but here it is in case you need it immediately.<BR>&#060;a href=";%=somevariable%&#062;"&# 062;Click Here&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>Steve<BR>

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