Is there any way for a user to go to an ASP page, logged on with the normal ISUR_USERNAME, and then have that ASP "change" this user into another NT username, such as REGISTEREDUSER? What I want to do is have asp pages that do certain tasks, such as authenticating, which it does well now, but the final page that the user will be redirected to is a .cgi file and the problem here is anyone can type in that url without having to be authenticated - I was thinking about using NT permissions but I DO NOT want the NT login box to appear - I want the ASP page to change this user into another user when they go to this other page, then I will set that directory use with NT permissions using the REGISTEREDUSER NT name. Does this make sense?? Otherwise, I can&#039t see how to authenticate this .cgi file, then it isn&#039t ASP. I hope I have not totally confused anyone!! Thanks for any help!!