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    When I did view source on a site I found this part of<BR>code which I didn&#039t understand what it was it is below,<BR>pl could u explain.<BR><BR>&#060;META NAME=DESCRIPTION CONTENT=" is India&#039s largest news and entertainment service online. Here, you will find daily updates from India in the areas of news, business, cricket, infotech, movies, life and style and travel. Besides, you will have several opportunities to interact with Indian celebrities on the Rediff Chat."&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;META NAME=KEYWORDS CONTENT="india, rediff, news, entertainment, service, online, newspaper, journalism, magazine, politics, business, chat, computers, cricket, sport, movie, film, information, technology, infotech, travel, tourism, lifestyle, fashion"&#062;<BR>

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    Hi,<BR>I&#039m sure you might have searched sites using some sort of search yahoo or altavista.<BR>How does the sites get listed on the search results pages? <BR>Its because the sites have registered themself with Yahoo or AltaVista. At the time of reisteration yahoo&#039s or Altavista takes certain information about the site and stores it with itself. This information is taken from the meta tag of the site. There are two distinct sections the meta keywords and the other meta discription.......<BR>Its these keywords when someone types that the site gets picked up for display and you might have seen along with the site url some description is given .... that is from the meta description.<BR><BR>I hope i have helped you in understanding .....<BR>Venny

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