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    Dave W Guest

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    Im using an asp page which contains various includes.<BR><BR>Currently the includes use &#060;%%&#062; as delimiters.<BR><BR>When I change to &#060;script language="VBScript" runat="Server"&#062; I seem to loose all the variables etc. Any ideas why this would be?<BR><BR>I have 1 include running quite happily using this (on the same page!) Why do others not like it?<BR><BR>It seems to be perhaps a dim issue? the includes contain functions/subs.<BR><BR>What traps are there here that Im missing?<BR><BR>TIA

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    MG Guest

    Default CROSSPOST & Not ASP but ASP+

    This a ASP+ question

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    I can&#039t say this is exactly the answer your looking for but <BR><BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/server/feature/MORQA.asp#order

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    Dave W Guest

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    Hmm, could be, Ill do some tests (and no it wasnt asp+ :)<BR><BR>Ta.

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