Extract a <DIV> and it's contents?!

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Thread: Extract a <DIV> and it's contents?!

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    Default Extract a <DIV> and it's contents?!

    I&#039ve got a div block I&#039m trying to extract from an HTML file. I&#039ve tried using <BR>"&#060;div&#062;(.*?)&#060; /div&#062;"<BR>and it&#039ll work fine if my div was all on a single line, but of course it spans multi-lines. What do I need to do the extract the whole multilined block?

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    Default [sS]*?

    The . skips the multiline, so you have to simply ensure that no characters are excluded -- I use [sS] (all blank and non-blank characters). There&#039s been a lot of posting on this topic; I&#039m surprised it hasn&#039t become an FAQ yet. [Prod the Moderator]

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default <div>( |.)*?</div>

    &#124.)*?&#060;/div&#062; <BR><BR>is what I use :)<BR>Richard

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    Default Optimization Data -- Bill?

    Just wondering if anybody knows what sort of style -- such as [sS] or (
    &#124.) -- gives better performance from the engine; particularly Bill W, as he&#039s said he has some/all of the VBScript source...<BR><BR>[Yes we *could* benchmark every option everybody comes up with, but that hardly seems like a good use of our time and is hardly scientific. Of course, I&#039ve always maintained that programming is more along the lines of "Computer Voodoo" than "Computer Science"...]

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