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    Is it safe, smart, okay, or stupid, to use both VBS and JS on your pages with your ASP? I currently use VBS with my ASP, and have gotten quite comfortable with it. But I realize that JS opens up a whole slew of options when dealing with the client side of things. obviously I&#039m sure you can&#039t pass vars between the two languages, but is it safe to use JS scripting for the main pages(menus, mouseovers,etc...), and do all the ASP legwork with VBS? Or should this be avoided?

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    It doesn&#039t matter. The ASP code has zero knowledge of what the client side looks like. If you had a browser that supported...oh, Pascal, let&#039s say...ASP would quite happily produce a Pacal page for you. IT IS 100% ALL JUST TEXT so far as ASP is concerned! You can produce pure gibberish from your ASP code, too (and many do), and again ASP does not care. Emphasis: ASP DOES NOT KNOW what in the world it is producing its output *for*. It just sends out bytes (characters). It is your responsibility, as the author, to ensure that what ASP sends out is something that the browser won&#039t choke on. ASP will *not* help you write sensible HTML. Or JS. Or even client-side VBScript, for that matter! Only you can do that.<BR><BR><BR>For example of the ways I mix VBScript on the server with JavaScript on the client--to the advantage of the server performance--see my http://www.ClearviewDesign.com/NEWBIE page and (for example) the demo where I do sorting of a table view of the contents of a DB table in the browser!<BR><BR>

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