http://server/mydll.dll ??? How does it works ?

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Thread: http://server/mydll.dll ??? How does it works ?

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    Nuno Guest

    Default http://server/mydll.dll ??? How does it works ?

    Hi<BR><BR>How does works a component that can be used like an asp page ?<BR>Sample : http://server/mydll.dll<BR><BR>I&#039ve seen a few ... like, and i would like to learn how does it works.<BR><BR>Does this kind of component needs to be registered on the server ?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Nuno

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    Joon du Randt Guest

    Default RE: http://server/mydll.dll ??? How does it works

    This is not a Component. <BR>It is something called an ISAPI or NSAPI(depending on the Web Server(IIS or Netscape)) application. This is a program, integrated into the web server, typically written in a lower level language like C++. It uses an API to communicate directly with the Web Server software. <BR>This sort of program is also known as a filter dll. <BR>BTW, the ASP program language is an example of a filter dll.<BR><BR>Oh yes, if you want to write one, Borland&#039s Delphi has the capability to write them quite easily<BR><BR>Joon du Randt<BR>/* Bit - The increment by which programmers <BR> slowly go mad */

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