Error "out of present range"

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Thread: Error "out of present range"

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    Default Error "out of present range"

    This phrase appears when I try to execute an INSERT sentence into an ASP file obtaining data from an htm file with forms.<BR><BR>Some body know what does this mean?...<BR><BR>Thank you everybody!

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    Default wonder why Billy did not answer this

    SHOW CODE<BR><BR>we will not know what are are doing unless you show code<BR><BR>dont show all your code BUT only that bit which you think is causing the error.<BR><BR>Copy and paste your error message also

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    Default Becuz he, too, has not the foggiest idea...

    no code, no answer, to one like this.<BR><BR>but maybe no answer after seeing code. Who knows?<BR><BR><BR>

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