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    David Z Guest

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    I read in a thread here some days ago that Access only allowed access 5 users at the same time. I always had the impression that the limit of users depended on your code and how you handle connections. I&#039m curious though, can anyone enlighten me on this one? How many users will I be able to handle with Access? What&#039s the DB that handles more users? Thank you for any replies.

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    The DB that resembles access (a bit) and can handle more users simultaniously is SQL Server.<BR>Access can handle up to about five (if you&#039re lucky)<BR>But this can be overcome by your code: only open a connection in your code when it&#039s really necessary, get all the info you need ASAP, and close it ASAP. This way, your &#039user&#039 is gone again.<BR>This works fine for as long as you don&#039t have a great many users executing the same code at the same time, but for small sites, it can suffice.<BR><BR>So, the limit of users isn&#039t a question here, but the number of connections.<BR><BR>Hope this sheds some light.<BR>Bart.

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    David Z Guest

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    Thanks for your reply. So I suppose I shouldn&#039t mix html with my VBScript code getting the stuff from the DB? Would it be better to get all the data in my recordset object into variables and mix that with html instead of the objConn itself? What other ways do I have to improve my code? Also do you think if my code is more perfect I will be able to handle 200 users or something like that?

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