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    Elliot Guest

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    Is it possible to create a DO WHILE LOOP in the .body Object in CDONTS? I have data that I want to show up in an email. Is this possible?

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    I did it by building up a string through a Loop and then setting the body equal to the string.<BR>ie <BR>objMail.Body= BuildBody<BR><BR>-----------------------<BR><BR>My own CDONTS question?<BR>Is there an obvious reason why I can&#039t get it to send email to exteral accounts but they work to people in my own company?<BR><BR>I&#039 using this:<BR>Set objMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

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    Elliot Guest

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    Thanks, but while I understand what you mean, what I would like to do is get a bunch of recordsets outside the body. Can I assign a variable to my returned recordsets, and use that variable in my body, and use the variable to display ALL records, or just the last one in the loop?

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