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    sona Guest

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    for anyone who knows anything about p2p. can this be accomplished using ASP?

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    Shedao Shai Guest

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    Peer to peer apps, such as napster, are essentially client based applications. That is the model behind peer to peer, unlike distributed computing, such as SETI, with central locations. Since ASP is a server based technology using ASP for a p2p app wouldn be difficult is not impossible. Since the p2p model is still being defined though, it&#039s not so say someone wont make an app that uses a centralized servers powered by ASP as one of its components and simply call it peer to peer because of the relationship it establishes between the clients.<BR><BR>So to sum it up. no. If you need to write a p2p (client) application use C++, Java, VB, or any other client based langauge with native support on your target platform.<BR><BR><BR>

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