unable to install pws on windows me

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Thread: unable to install pws on windows me

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    hi all,<BR>i tried to install PWS out of the NT option pack several times but its not installing successfully. i get several errors like<BR>&#039class ___ not registered&#039,&#039dlls not installed correctly&#039 etc. and in the end it says that MTS was not installed properly.<BR><BR>It shows the pws icon and the service runs but I get nothing when i click on the address saying &#039your home page&#039.<BR><BR>- are there any other settings i need to change??<BR>- how about DAC?? for iis , we install mdac last but on windows ME its already installed.<BR>- do i really need a transaction server??<BR>- is there some kind of mismatch happening here??<BR><BR>i&#039ve spent the last three nights :) tring to install pws.<BR>someone pl. help me out.<BR><BR>thx.<BR>pragati<BR>

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    I had no problems. I received the MTS errors, but PWS runs fine just the same.

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    maybe i&#039m doin&#039 something wrong.<BR><BR>what shud u type in the url address space??<BR><BR>did u click on the click where it says &#039your home page&#039:"?<BR><BR>and shouldn&#039t file://c:/filename.asp work where the file is saved on wwwroot???

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