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    I am trying to get my asp pages to work on IIS4 on NT4 with service pack 4.<BR><BR>I am not having any luck. When you try to execute a asp page in IE 5 it either opens a dialog box and asks to save it or it brings up frontpage and loads the page there.<BR><BR>Mostly the browser is looking at it as a standard, non-html object and the browser does not know what it should do with it. <BR><BR>I have checked for the asp.dll and it&#039s there (c;&#124WINNTSystem32/inetsrv/asp.dll. I have also checked the permissions and it is set to Script.<BR><BR>I have looked through many months of posting and I I can see is to try to reinstall II4. The problem is I have installed it on both a production server and on a different development server and it doesn&#039t work on either.<BR><BR>Does any have any ideas?? Please help! Need to talk to me directly:<BR>

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    rusy Guest

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    check the websharing on the folder by right clicking<BR>give web sharing rights

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    I agree with first response - need web sharing - also insure that there are execute permissions on whatever directory you are putting the asp file in - default web site created by IIS generally only has execute permissions on the /script directory.<BR>How are you attempting to execute the asp page? You CANNOT just double click on it in the directory it is resident - you must go through the computer name (open up Management Console to find your computer name), put the asp file in the /scripts subdirectory then go to a browser and enter http://computername/scripts/yourFileName.asp as the address

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    kkobashi Guest

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    Or...<BR> Are you not typiing in the full http: URL from your browser. I&#039ve been bitten by this sometimes...<BR> You cannot just go to say Explorer File Manager (not browser) and double click on the asp file... that will not work... I believe that results in a local file call rather than an HTTP request.<BR> You have to type in the browser the complete URL to your asp file (i.e. http:\hostnameyouraspfile.asp).<BR><BR>I have not had to do the above that the two gentlemen have set the webshare folder. But what I have done is gone to the proxy server and setup the IUSR_YOURDOMAINNAME user in the WWW properties of the web proxy to permission to full control.<BR><BR>If I look at the the webshare folder, proxy server apparently automatically sets the folder to sharing for me.<BR><BR>

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