Concurrent users climb, and then drop to 20

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Thread: Concurrent users climb, and then drop to 20

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    I am running a site on IIS 4.0. Recently, we have started experiencing heavy traffic. I am running a web box in companion with a SQL box. <BR>The last few days, we have watched the perf mon show current anonymous users climb from 20 to about 140, level off for about 10 minutes and then drop to 40 immediately. We are using an ASP tear component, and a lot of ASP. Our performance benchmarks pretty well.<BR>The database connections are not matching up with the web users. Is there a possibility of a loop of some kind increasing in size, and then cutting off. <BR>Has anyone seen anything like this? <BR>Any help is much appreciated.<BR>-J

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    kind of strange, but some of it is explainable. database and web server not lining up isn&#039t that bad. connection pooling makes it look odd, and connections are very rarely freed as quickly as you expect them to be, so there&#039ll be a bit of a &#039lag&#039 effect<BR><BR>using http components in ASP is quite resource heavy in that the response is not instataneous, so the page will lag, and system stress will climb, but there&#039s very little you can do about it.<BR><BR>thought about going to compiled code?<BR><BR>j

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