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    I am trying to get my asp pages to work on IIS4 on NT4 with service pack 4.<BR><BR>I am not having any luck. When you try to load a asp page in IE 5 it either open a dialog box and asks to save it or it brings up frontpage and loads the page there.<BR><BR>I have checked for the asp.dll and it&#039s there (c;&#124WINNTSystem32/inetsrv/asp.dll. I have also checked the permissions and it is set to Script.<BR><BR>I have looked through many months of posting on different web boards and all I can see is to try to reinstall II4. The problem is I have installed it on both a production server and on a different development server and it doesn&#039t work on either.<BR><BR>Does any have any ideas?? Please help!<BR>

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    Shot in the dark - have you gone into MMC and set the directory to be an application?<BR><BR>ASP only requires Read by IUSR to execute.

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    Actually, ASP needs Execute NTFS permissions to run. Many people use Read because the NT default Read is (RX - Read and Execute).<BR><BR>Make sure the the IUSER account has X NTFS permissions on the web files and also the asp.dll.<BR><BR>~Brad Kingsley<BR>Reliable NT Hosting<BR><BR>

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