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    Bob Murphy Guest

    Default Opening an ASP page in Word

    Is it possible to have an ASP page and allow the user to press a button which will open up the asp page in a Word Document.<BR><BR>Thanks <BR>Rob

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    HI ROB !<BR> i am krunal from india.<BR><BR> wehn u send any text to client through ASP page , if you are sending a html page , you can easily specify a proper "mime type" which invokes microsoft word within your web browser.<BR><BR> you can also use the components available :-<BR><BR> ***** Chillisoft&#039s Chilli!Reports ( component allows you to show data in ms word , ms excel etc.<BR><BR> ***** another resource is where you can find other such component used to create /display ms word document<BR><BR>for details mail at<BR><BR>KRUNAL DEDHIA (KD) (:-&#062;)

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