Is PWS the best I can get?

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Thread: Is PWS the best I can get?

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    Hi there...<BR><BR>I&#039m currently researching my final year project for my degree and I&#039m hoping to incorporate ASP. I&#039ve been doing a lot of reading and it seems my only option (as I&#039m developing the project on my home computer which runs Windows &#039 98) is to use PWS as my web server... I think I&#039m correct in saying that PWS is very limited? I&#039m unsure as to whether I can:<BR><BR>* Have server-side error-handling if I use JScript for my ASP language?<BR><BR>* Use the new Microsoft updated scripting languages VBScript 5.5 and JScript 5.5 server-side?<BR><BR>* Incorporate security?<BR><BR>Will I have to spend money on Windows 2000 in order to get these features?<BR><BR>Any answers to these queries and other help would be very gratefully recevied...<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Keith.

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    PWS will be fine<BR><BR>you don&#039t get any real security - you&#039d have to build your own into it with script. (PWS for NT WorkStation has the option though)<BR><BR>the script engines are no problem, if you update the engine after installing PWS ( you&#039ll be fine, and yes, you will be able to use try/catch error handling with the 5.0 or above engine.<BR><BR>PWS has *basically* all the features off IIS, but is limited to 10 concurrent connections, and doesn&#039t have advanced management for things like security (as mentioned), logging, ISAPI filters and script mapping (you&#039d need to do that via the registry)<BR><BR>plain ASP is just the same though (ASP 2.0, *not* asp3.0, which is win2k specific)<BR><BR>j

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