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    I have 2 queries (2 recordets) one has all employees. The 2nd has just a few of the same employees (say, those with green eyes only - fictiuos of course).<BR>Now, in the page itself I move through the 1st recordset, but during this, I want to check if the employee_id in the 1st recordset equals the 2nd recordset&#039s employee_id too have a note or color or something change. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated !!! Thanks !

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    Keep the first recordset as forward-only. The second recordset should be a scrollable one. While looping through the first recordset, use the Find method to search for the same employee_id in the second recordset. After executing the Find method, say MoveFirst because the Find method searches in the forward direction only. If the find method is successful, you can do whatever processing you want with the current record.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Santhosh

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