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    I have a form that I am validating on the next page. For example, I hit submit and if there is a field that is missing a value, it redirects back to the original page and displays an error. My question is that once it redirects, the form again becomes blank and the user has to re-type everything in. Is there a way around this where the user does not need to type in all the information again? Something that would hold the original value? Thanks for you help!

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    Do you have to validate on the next page? It would probably be easier for you to just put client side validation script and call it on your form onSubmit. Do you know how to do that?

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    Default Try another way

    Instead of redirecting, why don&#039t you try different solutions? If you redirect the user then you will lose your form inputs unless you store them in session variables or cookies.<BR><BR>What about posting your page onto itself? When you submit the form, have it submit to the same page, and have a procedure to check for empty strings and if there are any to raise an error. On the reposted page you can easily get the inputs by<BR>Request.Form("form_tag_name")<BR>If there is no error, then you could have the page perform different statements, namely submit to email/database etc...<BR><BR>Hope this helps.

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