rs.filter disturbing rs.AbsolutePage ?? Help!!

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Thread: rs.filter disturbing rs.AbsolutePage ?? Help!!

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    Default rs.filter disturbing rs.AbsolutePage ?? Help!!

    I&#039m building a forum in a tree format (same as this one), and I used a rcursive function that filters the recordset (using rs.Filter). <BR>The forum works perfect, and now I want to divide the displaying of the msgs into pages, using rs.PageSize, rs.PageCount and rs.AbsolutePage. <BR>But what happens is that all the pages I get display the SAME first records. <BR><BR>So my questions are: <BR>1- does the filtering disturb the dividing into pages? <BR>2- is there another way to filter record according to certain cryteria, other than rs.Filter? <BR>3-alternatively - is there another way of paging the msgs that wouldn&#039t conflict with rs.Filter?

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    Default RE: rs.filter disturbing rs.AbsolutePage ?? Help

    Have you tried to clone the recordset and then perform whatever filtering you need on the clone?

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    Default I didn't quite understand. Could you explain s

    What do you mean by cloning the recordset?

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