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    I am passing a querystring while saying &#060;a href="one.asp?s=1"&#062;one<BR>&#060;/a&#062;<BR>now when one.asp page is displayed in the browser, in the url<BR>we as usual see the file name that is one.asp,but also the querystring ie s=1.<BR>Now I do not want to display the querystring in the url address<BR>of the browser. Is there a method to hide it.I used server.urlencode but still that shows the quertstring though<BR>interprted, but I want to completely hide the querystring.<BR>Pl help me out.Thanx for reading

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    The querystring will always show.<BR><BR>always.<BR><BR>you can use the POST method in combination with HIDDEN type form fields to hide passed information, but you will have to change your coding a bit.<BR><BR>You could also consider encrypting your passed querystring. while the encrypted data would still show on the URL line, it would not make any sense to the user.

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