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    Hi<BR><BR>I am creating a shopping basket application and I am coding the part that clears up if the session timesout. I have it working fine on my set up (win98 Access 98 and PWS) but as soon as I upload to my (3rd party) hosting server (NT4 IIS Access98), the section of code below which is in the Session_onEnd of the global.asa fails at the following lines...<BR><BR> sqlDeleteBasket,application("ConnectionString"),1, 3,1<BR><BR>the application variable does exist, the SQL string is there and the recordset has been created, I am using values rather than the constants (adLockOptimistic etc) as I dont have the file available in the global.asa.<BR>1,3,1 is(?) equivalent to adOpenKeyset,adLockOptimistic,adCmdText<BR><BR>Is there some difference between PWS and IIS that is causing the prob? Is it a permissions thing on the host server? Is there something I have overlooked? Have I just got the wrong end of the stick? Will I have any hair left at the end of today?<BR><BR>Many thanks for any insight...<BR><BR>Andy Robino<BR><BR>PS To anyone using PWS and creating the global.asa, you need to reboot your machine to get the changes to have effect NOT just stop and restart PWS as stated in a lot of literature. (see ASP in a nutshell O&#039Reilly page 150)<BR>

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    What error do you get, exactly?<BR>this would be a great help.<BR><BR>PS. I thought you didn&#039t need to reboot, just stop PWS, kill InetInfo (which should actually be done automatically when you stop your PWS, but isn&#039t) and restart PWS)

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