Mutiple Check Boxes values from a form?

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Thread: Mutiple Check Boxes values from a form?

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    Hello. I have a web page where I have a table and in each cell I have a field displayed from a database using ASP. Each of the cells with the field from the access database also has a check box next to it. I want the user to be able to select several of the checkboxes next to the record and then when they hit a submit button / delete button I want to use ASP to delete the record(s) that are checked. <BR><BR>How do I build my sql statement based on multiple checkbox&#039s. I don&#039t know how to get the value from each checkbox? I mean I know how to grab one checkbox value and delete one record, but how to do many records from a selection of many checkboxes? <BR><BR>Please email me if possible if you have an example of how to do this? I have an immediate need to implement this. You can reach me at:<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Tim MCP

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    The way you retrieve value from multiple check boxes is the same as the way that you retrieve values from the type="text". For instant, if you have 2 text boxes, then when you submit your form, you must init 2 times<BR><BR>box1 = query.form("namebox1")<BR>box2 = query.form("namebox2")<BR><BR>Note that checkbox is different with the radio button, thus names of checkboxes must be different.<BR><BR>Good luck :)

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