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    Default HTML and Gif ---> EXE file

    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m new in ASP, I want to make a kind of eCard function on my intranet. It let users to choose the picture and enter the name email and etc. That I can compose it as a EXE file then send to outsider (internet). How to do it???<BR><BR>Terence

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    Default I wouldn't do it this way :)

    If you want to create an EXE file, you will need more than just ASP. You will have to create an external object that can put these elements together (perhaps written in C++ or VB) and link them as a proper EXE. <BR><BR>But then, there are other problems with this (in my opinion). What happens if your recipient is on a Mac? Or Solaris? Or Linux? Then your Windows/Intel .EXE will not work at all.<BR><BR>Not to mention the fact that when a user receives an EXE file, their browsers and virus checkers and common sense will set off all sorts of alarms about running EXE files, which will probably scare the crap out of a typical recipient.<BR>

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    Default RE: HTML and Gif ---> EXE file

    if you&#039re new, you&#039re not going to get that much functionality out of it..... (I&#039d be scratching my head, and I&#039m hardly new to ASP)<BR><BR>try searching on for tutorials on &#039eCards&#039 and &#039greetings&#039 - there should be some stuff there. composing into an .exe - the only way you&#039ll manage that is by zipping it into a self extractor. or building a custom .exe which pulls parameters from outside (ie. a text file) then generating the text file from ASP. which do you mean, and are you any good at VB, J++ or C++ (required to make a custom .exe)?<BR><BR>j<BR><BR>j

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    Default THANKS !!


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