Can anyone give me any insight into Windows 2000 and DNS. I am curious to know how different people are using it. There are three options, "active directory-integrated" or "Standard Primary" or "Standard Secondary" when creating a new zone under "forward lookup zones". What I want to know is the difference between "active directory-integrated" and "Standard Primary"? I was curious to know if by using the active directory option if it will allow me to maybe make changes to the DNS through maybe an ASP page. Using ADSI or something. But other then that I am just curious about the differences. Also, with the active directory option it appears to only store the "primary" info for the domain, so does this mean that if I use the active dir. for the primary that I would still have to use a "standard secondary" for the secondary DNS? Besides that I was just curious if it appears that I am setting up the domains properly. I do it like this.<BR><BR>Once the new zone is created, in either mode(active dir or standard) I right click on the domain and select "new host" then I don&#039t give it a name so "(same as parent folder)" is used, which means that it is just using "". Then I enter the IP of this domain and also select "create PTR record" the I click "add host". Then to also have the domain available by typing "" I again right click on the domain and this time I select "new alias" then I type www for the alias name and I type for the "fully qualified name for target host" then I click ok.<BR><BR>Now, this way of doing it does work but I am just curious if it is the correct way. I know that this message board may not be the appropriate place for this post but I feel that I am probably not the only webdeveloper/network engineer/telecom engineer/etc... on this board. So I would appreciate any info that anyone can provide, including maybe a board for Network Engineers.<BR><BR>Thanks.