Hi!<BR><BR>I m trying to change the status field in the database when the user leaves my site. using this code in global.asa ....<BR><BR>Sub Session_OnEnd<BR> set myCon = Server.CreateObject ("adodb.connection")<BR> myCon.open "DSN=myDsn;UID=myUid;PWD=myPwd"<BR> myCon.Execute "Update theTable set STATUS=NULL where ID=&#039"& session("id") & "&#039"<BR> myCon.close<BR> set myCon = nothing<BR>End Sub<BR><BR><BR>i have got my global.asa at the right place, i have checked that.<BR>but this is not working and my status is not getting changed to null. this is creating a lot of problems. <BR>any help would be highly appreciated<BR><BR>thanks <BR><BR>:-)<BR>ginni