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    Kimberly Guest

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    Help! I built a simple asp database that can delete, update, insert, and search records. When I want to modify records, it pulls up and loops recordsets, each with it&#039s own submit button. If I modify records this way, it works fine, but I have to hit the back button to modify the next record. How can I modify several records at once? If I try to place the submit button and end of form AFTER the looping and connection close, I get errors. I am not going to post the code right now, if someone could point me to a good tutorial on modifying several records at once, I could probably figure it out.

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    iyyappan n iyer Guest

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    it does&#039nt matter to the form, how many records, u r modifing.<BR>so if u want to modify multiple records, make single form , for all of them, list fields of a records as textboxes(or other controls), and keep a hidden, field to identify, records, at the back end, in your asp file, open table, take values of first record, update, take values of second and update, and so on

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