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    Hi !<BR><BR>Is it possible if I have an ASP page where user input all the information and trigger an EXCEL program to run at Server side ?<BR><BR>If you have tried it before, could you pls share the sample code ?<BR><BR>Thanks very much !

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    Hi! <BR><BR>Set xlApp = Workbooks.Open("file name path name ( like c:xx.xls") <BR>This will activate the sheet <BR>xlApp.Windows("filename.xls").Activate <BR><BR>Then to store value in the cells <BR>xlApp.Sheets("name of sheet").Range("B1").Value = variable <BR><BR>I hope this will help it and I know that if you are using excel2000 then saveAs("filename.xls") save the file.. but the file opened is read only it is allowing to save as the same file name and so data in the file is not updated..for this we need to save as different file name.. but this is not what i want.. <BR><BR>yogesh <BR><BR>

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