I am having trouble making a custom ASP Request and this request works for a Checkbox but not for a textbox. Here is some of the code that I am trying this:<BR><BR>CBVar1= "cb" & rs.Fields("EmpNo") & "-1"<BR>TXTVar1= "txt" & rs.Fields("EmpNo") & "-2"<BR><BR>If Request(CBVar1) = "ON" Then<BR> rs.Fields("CH-Nov_11").Value=-1<BR>Else<BR> rs.Fields("CH-Nov_11").Value=0<BR>End If <BR>rs.Fields("HRS-Nov_11").Value = Cdbl(Request(TXTVar1))<BR>If Request(CBVar2) = "ON" Then<BR> rs.Fields("CH-Nov_18").Value=-1<BR>Else<BR> rs.Fields("CH-Nov_18").Value=0<BR>End If <BR>rs.Fields("HRS-Nov_18").Value = Cdbl(Request(TXTVar2))<BR><BR>The CBVar works but the TXTVar does not. I tested this by putting an actual value TXTVar = "txt44-1" and it still wouldn&#039t request this variable that is receiving on the "get".<BR><BR>Would you please help or direct me to a method that would work for this?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Perry