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    I&#039ve been at this a couple months now<BR>and am making strides in ASP. Is there<BR>an ultimate reference (I don&#039t care how thick)<BR>of everything from response.write to formatnumber?<BR>Would this be a VB Script reference? Any good ones<BR>out there that list everything available and <BR>correct syntax? thanks!

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    not really. the Wrox books are the best bet, if expensive.<BR>thing about ASP is it&#039s &#039language neutral&#039 (well, sort of) in that you can use VBScript, JScript, PerlScript, Python and/or any other language with an ActiveX Scripting Engine, so a definitive reference to everything would be huge. maybe you should get something on your chosen language, and the wrox ASP programmer&#039s reference<BR><BR>j

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