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Thread: ASP Interface with NT User Manager?

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    Default ASP Interface with NT User Manager?

    Anyone know if its possible to create an "account admin" type interface allowing ones "users" to create their own website accounts via an .asp page, and have that .asp page somehow interface with the NT User Manager to create that account?<BR><BR>I would love to be able to have my members go to a page, enter their individual info (including email address) and have the User Manager create the account. Since I will store the whole thing in sql, whenever a user forgets their **** account info, i can have another application that will fire that info. off to them,.. yeah!! :)<BR><BR>Thanks for any insight you can offer,..<BR><BR>Steve

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    do you wnat the ASP page to create an account in your NT User Manager??<BR><BR>i honestly dont think that is possible and i would like someone to tell me i am wrong and give me the solution for that. <BR><BR>You can do it the otherway to a very small extent by allowing ONLY NT users access your application BUT then they will have to enter the data themselves and then you will have to insert it into the DB. When a change is made to the NT User Manager it will NOT be reflected in your DB unless they specifically change it.

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