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    I&#039ve tried to add a component to the system via the component services. Two books have said &#039use the interactive user&#039.<BR>1)When I try to start it it gives identity userid password error.<BR>2)In production what account should I use? admin or everyone?<BR><BR>thanks

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    I assume that:<BR>A) You are developing a component for an Intranet/Internet application<BR>B) When you say you are using the component services you are referring to MTS - Microsoft Transaction Server<BR>C) Your component is retrieving data from some data source<BR><BR>For starters, authentication occures any time your application crosses what is called a "Process Boundary". For example: when your ASP page attempts to instantiate a component - it is crossing a process boundary. When your component attempts to read data from a table - it is crossing another process boundary. With that in mind, the answer to your question depends on your overall security model. Let&#039s say for example that you are building a component to access/return data in/from SQL7. With SQL7 you can either leverage the NT Security Model or you can use SQL7s&#039 built in features for managing users. You tell SQL7 which authentication method to use when you set the database up (there is also a third method called mixed-mode which uses both). For our example - let&#039s assume that we are using NT Authentication (which if you are running NT Server is much easier to manage and support). I would create a single NT User Account using User Manager - let&#039s call this user "ReadOnly". In order for things to work properly you must first give this user certain User Rights Policy (also setup via User Manager). You will want to make sure the user has 1. Access this computer from the Network & 2. Log on locally. If your component uses other components or APIs you may have to set additional User Rights (but - I&#039ll save that for some other time). The only Group that this user needs to be a member of is the default Domain Users group. Also, make sure you write down the password that you gave this user - we will need it when we set up the MTS package for the first time.<BR><BR>Now that we have a new user - we will want to give this User permissions to execute our component. To do that, use NT Explorer to navigate to the file folder that contains your component - right-click with your mouse & select the "Properties" from the dialog box. Select the "Security" tab followed by the "Permissions" button. Add the user ReadOnly - set this user&#039s permissions to RX (Read & Execute). If you were doing some sort of error logging to this same path you would also need to give W (write) permissions.<BR>Next we would need to add the user ReadOnly to our Database. For the sake of time & space I will assume that you already know how to do that (or your db admin does). If not - post another question.<BR><BR>O.K. - now we are ready to get back to your original question. How should we configure the component:<BR>1. Interactive user<BR>2. This user<BR><BR>In our example we would create a new "Empty Package" - specify a specific user by selecting "This user" - add our "ReadOnly" user that we created & bam - we are ready to rock & roll.<BR><BR>Scenario #2. If your component wasn&#039t accessing any data (which if it is not - I am sure some of your components will someday) - you could use Interactive user. You just need to make sure that the user IUSR_DOMAIN_ NAME has permission (via NT Explorer) to RX (Read & Execute) your component.<BR><BR>Hope this answers your question - I&#039ll check back next week to see if you have any other questions. Happy Geekin - IdahoSpud<BR>

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