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    I am facing problem with sending mail with CDO. This is basically an architectural problem. My server is within a firewall and also I don&#039t know if I have to do any configurations with my virtual smtp server. My server machine is using windows2000 Advanced server and workstation is using windows 98. So I am trying to send email through CDO through virtual smtp server which is within Internet Services Manager.<BR><BR>All the mails I am sending are getting accumulated in the badmail directory.Please tell if I could check sending mails in LAN.<BR><BR>Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    Default Do you have a sysAdmin?

    if you have a system administrator, they&#039d be the best person to ask. we don&#039t know anything about your config.<BR><BR>is the email address you&#039re sending to valid?<BR><BR>j

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