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    Hi. In my VBScript class, I have a function that returns a recordset (ADO connection object only, no ADO recordset object created):<BR><BR> Set rs = conn.Execute(sql)<BR> Set functionname = rs<BR> Set rs = Nothing<BR><BR>Although I can set rs to nothing in the function and close the connection in the class terminate event, if I "rs.close" in my function after "Set functionname", the reference to the recordset in the calling .asp page is lost; there are no records, no object.<BR><BR>Is it necessary to explicitly close the recordset or the variable that refers to it at anytime? Is either the class terminate event or the referring variable going out of focus sufficient to close the recordset? I set all class objects to nothing at the end of each page in which they are instantiated. Thanks for any help.

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    &#062;Set functionname = rs<BR><BR>change this to Set functionname = rs.getrows<BR><BR>then functionname will be an array and this will have the data<BR><BR>if you want to "clone" this recordset then<BR><BR>Set functionname = rs.clone<BR><BR><BR>

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    Thanks for the reponse. Since not many records are returned (sometimes only one) per connection, but many concurrent connections can potentially exist, I purposely avoided creating an ADO recordset object to minimize application overhead. As such, those methods aren&#039t available, nor are they necessary.<BR><BR>I guess I want to know if closing a connection or setting an object instance to nothing is sufficient to free any resources occupied by the variable that refers to the records.

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