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    Aaron - the moron Guest

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    Hello all. This is a really basic, dumb, stupid question.<BR>Have you seen pages where every link is basically <BR>&#039jump.asp?link&#039 or something to that effect? Well,<BR>how is this done? Is jump.asp (or whatever) using a database to call on which link to go to?<BR>Could someone point me in the right direction on how to achieve this sort of navigation. Thanks.<BR>- Idiot

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    Aaron- again Guest

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    This is an example:<BR><BR><BR>maybe that makes more sense then my first post.<BR><BR>how can I do this?

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    mnaru Guest

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    give the asp page name within an anchor. or when using forms give the asp page name in the action attribute. u could pass additional parameters after "?" and before u close the double quotes or try response.redirect asp page name

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    MG Guest

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    This is done by having a response.redirect or anchor tag with a querystring attached. The reason these links go to a page like "jump" or "goto" is so the number of clicks can be counted. So the first page will have some code like this<BR><BR>&#060;a href="goto.asp?link=1234"&#062;Click here&#060;/a&#062; to go to yahoo.<BR><BR>Then the second page will have something like this<BR><BR>open a table with links using the id 1234<BR>the table will have the url<BR>then the count will be incremented count = count + 1<BR><BR>then a redirect like this<BR>response.redirect rs("url")<BR><BR>that is the concept.<BR>

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    mnar Guest

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    actually u access the info thru request objects query string collection. <BR>eg when u use form tag action attribute specify: the asp page name followed by "?" dont leave space just type the criterion name say, for eg - id, name etc <BR>when the form is populated the data is processed / redirected to the link ref in the action attrib. both the "url" specified in the action attribute plus the criterion which follows it r seen in the url. u could write code in the destination page to handle the parameter u passed after the question mark. in ur eg. if request.form("name")="aaron"<BR>response.write "good"

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