I am rebuilding/porting an existing VB project of mine for use over the internet. In a nutshell, the project has to with e-commerce. <BR><BR>The dilemma I am having is deciding what technology to use ... ASP/Webclasses, DHTML application. I am 99% sold on ASP/Webclasses, but my grief stems from the application&#039s main shopping/viewing page. <BR><BR>I wish to apply a &#039Drill-Down&#039 approach to gain access to certain products. Example: The user is viewing a picture of a toilet. He/She double clicks on the toilet&#039s tank and a picture of the inside of the toilet&#039s tank appears. The user then clicks on the &#039Little Chain Thingy&#039 (Technical term) and drags it into a shopping cart. <BR><BR>Now here is my question. If using ASP/Weclasses, everytime the user &#039Drills-Down&#039 can I update the client with just the newly selected part&#039s graphic and information or do I have to reload/send a whole new updated page?<BR><BR>Any suggestions/ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.<BR><BR>Thank you