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    ombra Guest

    Default Frames vs. Non Frames

    Hello all,<BR>Here is a performance question.<BR><BR>I was just brought into a new project to help VB guys with their web stuff.<BR><BR>The existing web app uses frames extensivly, 10 frames on one page alone.<BR><BR>I hate frames and I need a way to convince them not to use them...however I can not use the &#039frames suck&#039 argument.<BR><BR>My question is:<BR><BR>When ever an asp page is requested, is a new thread created?<BR>If the first page makes 10 request to the server, does that mean 10 new threads created?<BR><BR>I know a single request would be much quicker that 10 individual request...but I need a good answer as to why this is true.<BR><BR>Can anyone help me out?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Ombra

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    yes, IIS does do multiple HTTP responses, so in essence, there are multiple processes (pseudo-processes, since inetinfo.exe is a single process)<BR><BR>truck out :<BR><BR>users can&#039t bookmark pages properly (V IMPORTANT)<BR>development becomes a pain in the ***<BR>it cuts down screen real estate<BR>a significant proportion of users dislike frames (including me, despite the fact i use them occassionally)<BR>search engines get a bit screwed by it<BR>10 framnes is excessive, and whoever designed that should be shot. in the nadgers. now.<BR><BR>may be enough, maybe not<BR><BR>j<BR>

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    SPG Guest

    Default Performance argument that was missed

    Having had to go through this, you might like this...<BR><BR>Generally an HTTP1.1 request can carry up to 4 objects before it shuts itself down and a completely new request (probably even resolving the DNS again, oh Joy!) has to be spawned to pick up the work load.<BR><BR>With 10 frames, a user will come in and get the frame-setting page and three frames. Then they&#039ll wait while the server re-resolves to bring them four more frames. Then they&#039ll wait again while the server re-resolves to bring them the rest of the frames. And this isn&#039t even getting started on any Java classes, style sheets, images, or anything else with an src attribute!<BR><BR>Hope it helps; go get &#039em!

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    iyyappan n iyer Guest

    Default how about 3 frames

    10 frames are too much. no questions about that. v made a shop and we achieved 2 seconds, performance increase, by using 3 frames, because, only the frames, where the results of a query are displayed is refreshed.

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    ombra Guest

    Default RE: Performance argument that was missed

    Thank you!!! That is just what I was looking for.

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    Default another big reason

    Don&#039t forget this one... in fact this is the largest single complaint I have ever received from clients after they realize they don&#039t want frames after all... that it is difficult for many people to simply print what they see on their screen. And if you try to explain how to set it up properly in the browser, you&#039re already way over their heads.<BR><BR>However, I use frames in my personal sites because I like them. :)

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