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    Hi Ryan,<BR><BR>How are you? I found the 4guysfromrolla web page quite useful, however I am having some difficulty with a problem. I was hoping you might be able to help.<BR><BR>The problem:<BR><BR>I have two tables, t_project & t_fix<BR><BR>T_project contains a project name, an p_id as well as other various fields<BR>T_fix contained an id as well as p_id which is related to the filed in t_project.<BR><BR>I need to create a drop down box which will display all the projects from the t_projects table. Once I select a project from the drop down list, I need to be able to display all possible fix descriptions from the table t_fix. This would be done by using the relationship between both tables. However although the join statement is not to complicated, I am having some difficulty with regards to how I should go about creating my asp. I was wondering if you could help.<BR><BR>Kind regards,<BR><BR>Pete <BR>

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    Default I am not Ryan but maybe i can help

    two ways<BR><BR>one in the client side<BR><BR>check this url<BR><BR><BR>the second way<BR><BR>submit the form in the onchange event of the dropdown to the same page then check for the querystring and select tyhe values from the DB for the second dropdown based on the value selected and populate the second drop down

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