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    Hello Friends,<BR><BR>I want to send mail to anyone on a particular date. The problem is how to send it.<BR><BR>For example : I have created a general birthday greeting and now i want that as soon as i run an asp file it get all the mailing addresses from the database and send that greeting on their respective birthday automatically.<BR><BR>can it be done.<BR><BR>Please sort me out.<BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Achin Kalra<BR>

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    There are several ways, including creating your own daemon which constantly monitors a schedule contained in your database. However, instead of writing my own, I use a product called OCXQMAIL (from which allows you to set up any number of emails to be sent at any particular date/time. A corresponding NT service watches for them and sends them out when it&#039s time. If you don&#039t mind paying for something (rather than rolling your own), I would recommend it.<BR>

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