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    I would like to know how to access the database stored in different computer by sending an email to that computer assuming it has a mail-id. My mail content may be a DML Statement. I wish to execute the DML statement once the mail reaches the computer and the mail need not be opened up for reading.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    you&#039d need to write a &#039mail client&#039 type component which checks the mail to the server, then carries out actions based on it.<BR><BR>i wrote a WSH script (run by task scheduler) once which used CDO to access my Exchange inbox twice a day, searched for a particular subject line, then executed the script within the mail. there were BIG security issues with it, and not only that, I lost the code when i changed jobs, but with a little ingenuity you could knock someting together. Is CDO available in this particular project? if it is, you could have a particular subject line for database calls. you could even return data by email (mine wrote files to my work machine with FSO, then mailed me confirmation through JMail)<BR><BR>j

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