Help,<BR><BR>I can&#039t seem to access any time values that end with 00.<BR>eg.<BR><BR>I have a field call StartTime with a datatype date/time in a table(mEMBER) in MSACCESS.<BR><BR>Id StartTime<BR> 1 1:00:00 AM<BR> 1 2:30:00 AM<BR> 1 3:00:00 AM<BR><BR>I execute a sql statement in either ASP or MS Query.<BR>"SELECT * FROM MEMBER WHERE STARTTIME =#1:00:00 AM#<BR><BR>the results I get is 0 records, but If I change the statement to<BR>"SELECT * FROM MEMBER WHERE STARTTIME =#2:30:00 AM#<BR>I get 1 record.<BR><BR>it seem that I can&#039t retrive anyhting which end with x:00:00 AM<BR><BR>Please help