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    Hello,<BR> I am using SQL Server 7.0 as backend database. I have many existing datas in the table and i need to modify the table structure with not null columns, when i have data in the table i am not able to modify the table and if i copy the data to some other place and do the modification and then try to paste also, it is not allowing me to paste it again, can anyone let me know how to solve this problem....<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Keerthi

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    How are you modifying the tables. I use Enterprise Manager and have never had a problem modifying the tables on the fly.

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    If you are trying to mod your column to not null, then obviously if you already have rows nulls in that column, then you have a conflict.<BR><BR>When you remove the contents to a temp table (as you seem to be saying), of course you will be able to modify the empty table. Then when you try to bring the data back, the "not null" constraint will not allow you to include lines which have blanks in that column.<BR><BR>The solution is that you must put some values in the null column!

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