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    Matt Warden Guest

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    After just uploading an Access database to an Windows NT server, I get the following error in my ASP scripts:<BR><BR><BR>Provider error &#039 80004005&#039<BR><BR>Unspecified error<BR><BR>E:INETPUBMEPANTRYORDER../include/dataconn.asp, line 11<BR><BR>Provider error? Line 11 is the connection attempt using the connection string:<BR><BR>"DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=" & Server.MapPath("/data/MP.mdb") <BR><BR>a. the file, with the same name and path, was working fine before I re-uploaded<BR>b. after this all happened, i attemted to get things working again by re-uploading an older version of the same database (one that worked fine before) and the same error is still occurring<BR>c. compacting/reparing doesn&#039t help<BR>d. the server has full read/write access on this folder<BR>e. after doing nothing for about 15 minutes, it was fine<BR><BR><BR>I have already asked the wonderful people at evolt.org, and they have seen this, but don&#039t know the cause either. Even though the error is gone, I still want to know what was going on, so if anyone else has seen this, please speak up.<BR><BR>--<BR>mattwarden<BR>mattwarden.com

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    Scott S Guest

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    Might this be some sort of concurrency issue with Access? I would get all sorts of strange errors when using MS Access via ASP (switched to SQL Server, everything is fine). What kind of load was the server under? perhaps the provider was getting hit to hard?? have you tried using DSN based connections? does the error occur then as well?<BR><BR>Was it Access 97 or 2000? did you specify the correct Jet Engine? (although i believe if you got that wrong it wouldnt work at all)<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR><BR>Scott S<BR><BR>

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    I have seen this with my site as well accessing Acess97 using a DSN connection. I am going to change my site to dsnless and use the 4.0 Jet Engine OLEDB for the provider. I hope that corrects my situation. If anyone else thinks this is the answer for the people who are forced to use Access please post. Thanks....<BR><BR>

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