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    Hello, Please hear me out. I am new to ASP and the whole development side of Dynamic internet sites and applications. I have been writing HTML for 3 years and am seeking new technologies. My internal struggle is what type of technology should I be spending my time learning? I have friends that are wizards at ASP and Microsoft Technologies and I have friends that are wizards at Java,Corba,Unix and the whole OCF (Open Commerce Framework) thing. I feel that both sides fight for their talents. (naturally) I would like to get some feedback on this forum with regard to ASP. I like and enjoy what I have learned here and elsewhere about it but I guess my question is will it last? I feel I need to dedicate myself to one direction in order to become very good and successful at what I do and I am struggling with that direction. I may get stabbed for writing this in this forum but I am very sincere in writing this and value the opinions of all that I have met here....not to mention it is an ASP Q & A right?<BR><BR>Thanks a million....I will really be looking forward to the threads that come in.

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    just to complicate things further....<BR><BR>what about PHP? (actually php is easier to learn than ASP, and ASP is easy)<BR><BR>I&#039d say learn ASP, java and corba stuff would benefit from you having some programming experience from using ASP, so you can learn it later.<BR><BR>I started off like this - from a design background got into HTML. then javascript, then ASP/VBScript (and SQL), Coldfusion, then VB, then Java, PHP, Perl and now I&#039m getting my head round C++. <BR><BR>Once you have one language &#039down&#039 it&#039s a lot easier to get into the next one, since the concepts are broadly similar. since VBScript/JScript ASP is forgiving and quick to pick up, you should go for that before jumping into Java, which is definitely a lot more complex. I wouldn&#039t have had a clue about Object Oriented Programming or Class-Based stuff (and inheritance, pointers and the like) if i hadn&#039t gone up through the ranks first<BR><BR>j

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    Default Thanks for the Response.

    I appreciate your comments.

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