I am new ASP user still working on creating our Corporate Intranet. I am placing the following parameter (?page=xxx) in the url of the page and want to use the "xxx" as a criteria in a query in an access database. In the ASP page the "xxx" parameter is being stored as a variable strPageContent. The trouble I&#039m having is passing the variable to the Access query. The SQL stmt which errors out in Access is as follows:<BR><BR>PARAMETERS strPageContent Text;<BR>SELECT [Navigation Bar].[Security Reqd], [Navigation Bar].ID, [Navigation Bar].[Button Label], [Navigation Bar].[Button URL], [Navigation Bar].Page<BR>FROM [Navigation Bar]<BR>WHERE ((([Navigation Bar].Page)="all" Or ([Navigation Bar].Page)=[strPageContent]))<BR>ORDER BY [Navigation Bar].ID;<BR>