this is cool reduced my time generating a report from 3 hrs. to 15 min. you can view data from diff sources at the same time, manipulate it, then publish it. A nice little tool.<BR><BR>Merrill<BR><BR>Link below and I copied info from page:<BR><BR><BR>-Connect to ANY OLEDB or ODBC Datasource from Schemer <BR>SQL Server, Oracle, Access, AS/400, DB2, Excel, Text Files, DBase, *ANY* OLEDB or ODBC type! <BR>-Runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000 platforms. <BR>-Supports full SQL "Query Analyzer" functionality; SQL Execution and Color Syntax Highlighting!!! <BR>-Drag and Drop Data from Schema Pane to Data Grid <BR>-Sort Results via GUI at the click of your mouse! <BR>-Export to results to ASP, XML, Text files (delimited), HTML , ADTG, Other Data Sources! <BR>-Copy and Paste Tables from Source to Source