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    Hi, one of users is getting the following error: ASP 0107/Stack Overflow/The data being processed is over the allowed limit.<BR><BR>The only info I could find on this error says that it pertains to a form field being too many characters. Problem is, I&#039m encountering it in a function call, on the following line:<BR> If psText &#062; "" then<BR><BR>My user has disappeared (lovely), so I can&#039t find out exactly what he was doing, and I can&#039t replicate the error. I changed the line to: If len(trim(psText)) &#062; 0 (I like this format better). Any hints on where to start with this one would be tremendously appreciated! Thanks in advance!<BR>

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    so did using Len(psText) solve the error? it should have. comparison operations are reasonably intensive operations, and comparing something non-numeric would cause the script engine to go ga-ga.<BR><BR>what does the var &#039psText&#039 hold, anyway?<BR><BR>j

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