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    Hi. I have a stored procedure that accepts one parameter. What is the syntax that I can use from my asp page to pass this parameter and run the stored procedure?<BR><BR>For Example I have...<BR><BR>Dim sSQL<BR> sSQl = "sp_passed"<BR> Set rs1 = conn.Execute(sSql)<BR> //? How do I pass the parameter?<BR><BR>THanks!

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    Embed it in the SQL String ...<BR><BR>Dim sSQL<BR>sSQl = "sp_passed &#039" & VariableName & "&#039" <BR>Set rs1 = conn.Execute(sSql)<BR><BR>Notice the Single Quotes.... Needed only if parameter is a character or date field ...<BR><BR>Also you may want to investigate ADO&#039s Command Object (do a search on 4Guys for it) <BR><BR><BR>

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