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    Hey, thanks for your time.<BR><BR>I plan on creating a perl type affiliate program. You&#039ve seen them maybe, those perl scripts that you install and they generate replica pages. <BR><BR>So, if my site is:<BR><BR> my affiliates go to<BR><BR><BR>They fill out the details, username, etc (I got that covered, of course)<BR><BR>The CHALLENGE is when they sign up, having their username as an affiliate page identical to a salesletter. Like is an ex where his hp is a salesletter, right? Well the affiliates promote THEIR affiliate page:<BR><BR><BR><BR>See the pattern (NOt valid url, of course) but you see that&#039s what I want. Blahcode22 is like their username.<BR><BR>Here&#039s my question.<BR><BR>With asp/fso/ can I create this? Has it been done in Asp? From what I have seen, so far, no. I&#039ve NEVER seen an asp version of an affiliate program.<BR><BR>Technically, I can just place the value of the folder as the username, and replicate the salesletter, right?<BR><BR>Or is perl capable of doing something that asp can&#039t do. <BR><BR>In short.<BR><BR>Can asp do the affilate pages upon signup like Perl? Is it FSO that gets it done? Any advice? Should I know something before I put a lot of time into it? Should I use a db or not?<BR><BR>Just wondering. Thanks

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    Default One trivial answer, one harder...

    Trivial answer:<BR><BR>Use a link of the form<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp;<BR>and use Request.QueryString("affiliateID") to get the value. You&#039re done. Piece of cake.<BR><BR>Harder way:<BR><BR>Same as how CGI does it, really: You build a *custom* handler for 404 (page not found) errors. It examines the requesting URL (one of the Request.ServerVariable values...I forget which one), decodes it, decides if it should indeed be a signup (instead of a real 404), and then simply does Response.Redirect with, essentially, the same query string I showed in the trivial answer.<BR><BR>NOTE: You can&#039t do this on PWS, becuz PWS doesn&#039t support customized 404 pages.<BR><BR>

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