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    Murf Guest

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    I know this should be an easy one but I am desperate. Our server crashed. We are setting up a new server with MSSQL 7.0.<BR>I can retrieve the data and log files off the disk but how do I import the data into the new database?<BR><BR>If this sounds desperate I am.

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    Murf Guest

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    OK I figured how to install the datbase itself using:<BR><BR>EXEC sp_attach_db @dbname = N&#039MyData&#039,<BR>@filename1 = N&#039C:MSSQL7DATAMy_Dataold.mdf&#039,<BR>@filenam e2 = N&#039C:MSSQL7DATAMy_Logold.ldf&#039<BR><BR>This installed the datbase Does anyone know how to restore the user accounts and permissions within all the databases?

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